How to Plan your Vacation-OFW

Are you like me? An OFW(Overseas Filipino Worker). Excited for your coming vacation? It maybe a year, two or more years since you left the Philippines or your loved ones. All your bags are pack. Balikbayan boxes are sent ahead. Thinking of the warm hug and kisses from your wife or husband and siblings.

For most OFW vacation is not only rest and relaxation. It may also a headache and stressful if you do not plan it well.

Here’s some tips to avoid hassles for your vacation.

Make a Plan:

It is worth the time make a plan for your vacation. A plan not only for days to spend but also plan your expenses. Don’t be like most OFW that I know that they over spend. And end up buried in debt after their vacation. Always remember that don’t spend what you don’t have. Do not be tempted by the easy loan or co-worker loan. This is a must “NO” answer.

First thing first:

I know you are excited to roam around and see hi to old friends but first thing first. Spend time with your family. If you have wife/husband and kids make some quality time to catch up. Do legal works first also. Update your bank accounts details, SSS, Pag-ibig etc. This is a rare moment that you are in the Philippines. It is costly to work this legal documents if you are in abroad. If you are like me having little investment here and there. Make a time to settle or visit your investment.

Free time/Wasted Time:

This is the time to party! In abroad an OFW like me live a life of routine. Work-eat-sleep. Any vacant time is used in personal things like laundry and cleaning your room. If time allows we rest for the time remaining in our off duty. For me, I have no time to relax for the rest of the year because I am on-call duty 24/7. My yearly vacation is no phone ringing time for a month. I am happy for a day that I don’t hold my phone. Vacation time a break. A break from my daily work routine. Any job you have in abroad. You must break it during your vacation. This monotonous life of OFW can easily burn you out. Do the things that you enjoy and make you relax. Just don’t overdo it. Always bear in your health. Health which is the important one for us to continue providing for our family. You may have a co-worker or heard the news or see a Facebook post about fellow OFW during vacation time bad news. Be careful! In moderation is the key. Just look forward to another year of vacation.

Mostly, you have some vacation tricks and ideas. It is nice to share it with our fellow KABAYANI!

Mabuhay ang OFW!

Mabuhay ang Filipino sa iba’t ibang panig ng mundo!

Mabuhay ang PILIPINAS!

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